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Tracy Does The Bentley Bounce

At a hotel near Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, Matt Bentley and his girlfriend and manger, the lovely Tracy Brooks are arriving after a successful night at the latest Impact taping. Bentley smacks Tracy’s butt playfully, and she looks back at him with a smirk.

“What was that for?”

Bentley smiles innocently, “Just desireed to see your butt bounce…”

“My butt does not bounce” she protests playfully glaring at him as she moves to open the door to the hotel room setting her bags on the bed before turning to him “So you ready for a swim or something?”

Bentley smiles at her as he closes the distance between them. He places his hands on her hips and rubs them a bit. “Well I want to see if anything on you can bounce…” Bentley replies as he smiles innocently at her.

“Is that so Mr. Bentley well … maybe we should just find gone fair immediately hmmm?” she asks as she pulls his tank top up and over his head. Tracy leans down to catch a nipple in her mouth and rolls her tongue enclosing it while her other plam moves to unbutton her blouse quickly.

“Yeah we should Tracy…” Bentley grins as he moves his hands to aid her unbutton her blouse. When the at the end button is undone he immediately cups her breasts as she sucks on his nipples.

“Awww Matt yes baby. I think we call for to get over to the bed as soon as potential” she says as she slides her hands up his chest as he moves to cup her breasts through her bra.

“Why sweet Tracy surely I’m not affecting you already, am I?” Bentley grins.

“You know you are you stud…” Tracy kisses him deeply, sliding her tongue against his lips as she moves her hands down to belt to undo it.

“Then we higher quality go to the bed.” Bentley scoops Tracy up into his arms and carries her to the bed, where he gently lays her down on it. Tracy stops him from laying down as she resumes undoing his belt, followed by unzipping his jeans. “Someone’s excited…” Bentley teases her a bit.
“I could affirm the same object about you baby” Tracy replies slipping her plam inside his briefs and finding him ready to go after only a infrequent minutes “Matt..” she begins as he lays her down on the bed

“Yes baby?”

“You know I desire you correctly?”

“Baby I can tell ………..you always require me” he says laughing quietly

“You are such a horny adult sometimes”

“Well you knew I was that method encircling you baby…especially when you wear what you did tonight.”

“That on account of I knew it’ll get you all worked up…” Tracy smiles as Bentley helps her catch off her pants and panties. Tracy reaches behind her back and undoes her bra. As soon as her breasts are free of charge from their cotton restrains, Bentley immediately moves his mouth and starts sucking on one tit while squeezing the other with his plam.

Bentley looks up at her face, “Adult I cherish your tits baby… there so perfect…”

“Baby…. they are not perfect nevertheless you confident do spend enough age admiring them” she said laughing which earned her a observe from Matt “Okay baby enough teasing” She adds with a smile

“No sometimes teasing can be fun” he replies “Like when I teasingly do this.” Matt moves his hands down to her pussy and slides a finger up her slit causing her to arch up off the bed.

“Ohhhh Matt……….”

“Yes baby?” Matt smiles as he slowly moves his finger up and down her slit. He takes her tits back into her mouth and sucks on it gently while he twists and tugs on her other nipple with his free of charge plam.

“God… damn it… you know… I cherish that…” Tracy moans as she turns her head to gaze at the grin on his face.

“Why do you think I keep doing it then?” he asks as he easily slips his finger inside her pussy finding her already wet “Somebody has been thinking about me a abundance today…” he says as he begins rubbing the inside of her pussy slowly and deliberately as if he was once again teasing her.

Tracy arches her hips a bit, “Ohhh damn it Matt…. stop it…” She smiles at him despite not liking getting teased.

“Stop what?” Bentley asks as he moves his finger enclosing in circle while inside her pussy.

You know what baby….”she says moaning softly as Matt presses gently on her pussy “Matt…. please baby don’t tease me anymore just straight up fuck me.”

Bentley grins at her, “Ok Tracy… if that’s what you desire…”

“It is!”

Bentley laughs a miniature as he moves his fingers gone of her pussy. He moves down and spreads her legs apart. Bentley then pushes the head of his cock against her pussy and Tracy arches her hips suddenly before he enters her and moans loudly.

“Ohhhh shit…” Tracy has a sudden orgasm resulting from Bentley teasing her. Tracy looks at him and smirks, “That’s… why I hate… you teasing me… you jerk… I cum to quickly…”

“Well baby we have al l this date before the consequent taping we can do slow and nice….”he replies as he moves to lay consequent to her and slowly kissing her neck while rubbing her breast.

“That’s nice Matt” she whispers softly closing her eyes as he moves his plam down across her stomach.

“It confident is…” Matt smiles as he taps his fingers rhythmically on Tracy’s firm stomach as he circles his thumb encircling her belly button. Tracy moves one help and places it on top of his to guide it down to her pussy.

“I thought you didn’t require me to tease baby?” he asks while placing his fingers on top of her pussy

“You wont be teasing immediately baby…. come on matt indicate me some…serious impact.”

“With pleasure…” Matt kisses her deeply as he shoves, not 1, not 2, nevertheless 3 fingers into her wet pussy suddenly. Tracey moans into his mouth as she instantly begins moving her hips against his help.

“Ohhh yea Matt…. that’s… some… serious impact…”

“I aim to please you Tracy” Matt said softly begging to move his fingers in and outside until she’s whimpering on the bed moaning and crying outside his nickname.

“Mmmm Matt…. God… you got… the best… fingers… in TNA….” Tracy moans as she reaches down to grab his wrist with both hands to create him shove his fingers deeper in her pussy.

“Come on Tracy….. I know you require cum baby so don’t fight it I’m gonna lay my mouth on your sweet miniature pussy and stick my tongue inside until you are bucking those hips and making those sweet miniature sounds you create.”

Tracy looks at him and licks her lips, “Get your head down there… create me cum on your tongue Matt….”

“Ok babe…” Matt kisses her before he moves down between her legs. He stands her legs straight up and makes Tracy arch her hips as he lowers his moutsideh on her pussy. Matt slides his tongue over her slit before quickly sliding it inside of her sweet juicy cunt.

“Oh my……….yes Matt just like that don’t stop baby oh damn it… damn it all Matt don’t stop” Tracy whimpers placing her hands on his shoulders as he eats her out so well she almost instantly has her second orgasm. Matt doesn’t stop eating her pussy, and continues to lick her pussy, keeping her on the edge. Tracy is breathing incredible dense, and almost starts crying in pleasure from what her lover is doing to him. She moves on help to his head and lightly pulls on his hair as he quickly and suddenly makes her climax for a third date.

Matt looks up at her smiling “You are incredible” he says moving to kiss her stomach as she tries to calm down from her orgasmic trio

“Yes nevertheless instantly it’s your turn Mr. Bentley to see if anypart bounces remember?” she asks as he lies on his back. Tracy gets on top of him and straddles his body.

“Oh yeah…” Matt smiles as he moves his hands to her breasts. He lightly slaps one and it bounces a bit in response, “That one bounces…” Matt says as he grins up at Tracy. Tracy moves to place her arms behind her head smiling at him as he playfully slaps her other one and smiles when it does the same thing

“Hey Matt I can think of something that absolutely bounces baby” she says sliding her hands up his chest.

“Oh yeah?” Matt smiles like a kid in a candy store, “What would that be?”

Tracy stands up a bit and then eases herself down on Matt’s cock and smiles at him “You tell me baby.”

Matt grins at her, “Oh that would be you… when you do the real version of the Bentley Bounce…” He places his hands on her beautiful hips as she places her hands on his chest. Matt slowly lifts her up and down on his cock as Tracy rocks back and forth on his cock, “Mmmm Tracy I cherish your pussy enclosing my cock…”

“Well I cherish how your big cock feels in my pussy… you create so damn wet Matt,” she says moving to grab her breasts tugging on the nipples while she continues to bounce on him.

“I… I like the path you bounce baby… you gaze like an angel…” Matt moves on hands enclosing to her ass and squeezes her ass cheeks when she comes down on his cock.

“I’m not an angel baby…believe me cause the thoughts I am thinking correctly immediately would constitute me loose my wings for confident”

“What exactly would those be Tracy?” he asks reaching up to pinch her nipple with his fingers.

Tracy smiles down at Matt as she drops down sharply on his cock repeatedly, “They are of you fucking me rigid and rapid… until I pass outside… then you wake me up to fuck me some more…”

Matt smirks up at her, “I like those thoughts you’re having…”

“I know you do… you create a devil gone of me…” Tracy licks her lips.

“I thought it was getting a small hot in here ” Matt says laughing as he rolls himself and Tracy over so he can pound inside her pussy

“Matt….that’s it baby oh damn Matt your so good…yes baby create me cum with your big thick cock inside of me…”

“Ohh you know I’m going to constitute you scream my nickname…” Matt says as he pulls on her hips against him as he slams into her.

Tracy moans, “Ohhh Matt…. that’s it baby… I’mmmm getting closer…”

“I don’t desire closer Tracy…I desire you there screaming my nickname. come on baby” Tracy starts moaning loudly feeling her orgasm quickly approaching Matt lifts her legs up placing them on his shoulders and with one quick thrust to her spot he sends her over the edge.

“Ohhhh Matt…. Bent… ley!!!!” Tracy moans as she arches her back. Tracy pulls on her own beautiful hair a bit as Matt slams his cock harder into her.

“That’s baby… shgone it loud!” Matt says as sweat drips off his forehead. Tracy whimpers as he continuously hits her spot sending her into an equally intense orgasm as soon as the first one ends.

“Matt….” Tracy cries out not knowing which path to move, for he was the only object on her attitude at that moment him and the intense pleasure he was giving her.
Matt slows down his thrusts and gently pulls outside of her pussy to give her a bit of a break. “You ok baby…” Matt says as he rolls Tracy on her side and lays behind her. He presses cock against her asshole.

Tracy looks back at him as she breathes heavily, “Yeah… what… are you doing back there…”

“I’m giving you a rest baby” he replies smiling at her and leaning down to kiss her shoulder.

“Why don’t I believe you?” she asks laughing.

“Okay baby…you found me outside I was just thinking it’s been a lenghty date since we did it… this path…” Matt presses against her asshole with his thick cock, then gently shoves it in.

“Ohhhh Matt…. you… dirty boy you…” Tracy moans as she lifts one leg and arches it over his to create his entry easier.

“That I am… and you cherish it…” Matt smiles as he easies his cock into her ass. He nibbles on her earlobe softly as he slowly moves his cock inside of her. Tracy’s fingers move down to slip inside her pussy rubbing it quickly as he begins to whisper in her ear “Your my sexy Tracy…..your pussy is so wet baby………ohhh I cherish being inside your ass ….I wanna watch you play with your big tits.”

“Mmmm you desire me to play with me tits baby…” Tracy moans as she drills her pussy with her extended fingers. She moves her free of charge plam to her tits and tugs dense on her fair nipple as she looks back at Matt, “Is this what you desire Matty?”

“Oh yeah your so great at that baby…..” Matt moves his help to capture her help rubbing circles encircling her nipple before he tugs on her nipple himself. Mat then has Tracy turn a bit to face him so he can kiss her deeply.

Tracy slides her tongue into his moutsideh as she moves her finger out of her pussy. She breaks the kiss and slides her fingers, covered in her juices, into his mouth. “Suck them Matt…” Tracy smiles as she slides her other help down to her pussy to stick her fingers in it.

Matt licks each finger before moving to catch them in his mouth sucking dense until she moans “My sweet small responsive Tracy” he says once again before kissing her deeply as he thrusts dense and rapid inside her ass.

Tracy keeps moving her finger quickly her pussy and has another soft orgasm that makes her kiss Matt back so rigid she almost makes him slide gone of her ass. Tracy breaks the kiss and whimpers in pleasure, “Matt…. you’re so… pleasant…”

Matt slides a plam down slipping two fingers consequent to hers inside of her pussy rubbing it slowly “Oh you miniature vixen your so wet…I like how wet you feel …oh Tracy…”

Tracy closes her eyes and moans, “Constitute me… cum… one more date… Matt… please… constitute… reach… the highest… sexual peek…” She moves her clear plam to stroke his cheek gently as both her and his fingers move over her pussy.

Matt begins to thrust his fingers in and gone almost pounding her pussy making certain he somehow touches that sweet spot with every thrust of his fingers. Suddenly Tracy arches her back moaning his designation over and over.

“Ahhh ahh Matt… Ohhh Matt… Mmmm Mattttt baby.. I’mmmm… you’re… making… meeeeeeee….” Tracy’s both shakes violently as she climaxes once again. Her orgasm is so rigid, and rips through her body so quickly that she almost blacks gone, nevertheless she stays conscious on account of she desires something else. Tracy tries to speak nevertheless no words pass her lips as she tries to tell Matt what she wants.

“Damn Tracy…you’ve never came that dense baby….” he leans down kissing her before rolling her onto her back moving to kiss her neck before moving to the area between her breasts then her stomach.

“Matt…” Tracy whispers softly, “Cum… for me… in me… on me… don’t business… please… cum for me baby…”

“You know how I desire to cum baby? With you sweet sexy mouth wrapped encircling my dense cock,” Matt rolls onto his back and smiles at her.

Smiling Tracy moves down between his legs sliding a finger encircling the tip “You mean correctly here baby?” she asks

“Yes… fair there…your mouth sweetheart oh Tracy your mouth” Matt moans. Tracy smiles at him as she parts her lips to takes his cock into her mouth. She slowly bobs her head up and down on his shaft as she moves her hands all over his legs up to his stomach then chest.

Matt closes his eyes whispering “Yes Tracy………you know how to create me cum don’t you baby………suck that big cock for me ………ohhh………yeah Tracy it’s about to happen baby I’m gonna fill your mouth with my hot cum get ready.”

Tracy looks up at him and locks eyes with him as she wraps her help encircling the base of his shaft and begins to pump it. Tracy opens her mouth as wide as she can, hanging it over the head of his cock, just waiting to catch the first spurt of his hot semen.
Matt watches as he shoots his release into her mouth and she takes all of it. Tracy swallows it all before licking her lips as if she just had a seven direction meal with dessert included. Matt lays back on the bed, worn gone from their sex play nevertheless not wanting to release her just yet so he pulls her down following to him. He gets a soft smile on his face when she snuggles close to him.

Tracy places a help on his chest she says as she slowly closes her eyes, “I like it when you create me bounce…”

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