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Suhaag Raat Kaise Manaye (Tips)

The Beginning: -

Both Of You leave get ready by 9. 30 pm to 10. 00pm. The bride consign have
her own make up wearing traditional saree, ornaments, mehendi. The
Bride might have a chance to activity to a beauty parlour to get her ready.

Usually, the elder women help her prepare for the suhaag raat by
endorsement her what pledge maybe happen and how she should react. The
bride on the other hand is clad in Kurta – Paizam.

Both the Bride besides Bride groom are allowed to go inside the Suhaag
raat squeak, a traditional bed having lots of different flowers is
prepared. The room is scented. Usually the flowered be will have
dunlop kind of matress with pillows.

A traditional ” aarati ” is made to bless the bride again bride groom in
their sex life. Once the ” aarati ” is over the elders start leaving the
room. The room is securely locked, and there will be only YOU.


How To Proceed: -

Proceed very slowly. It is good chance for the bride to tell her
husband what stage of her MC is, is she expecting her expression or is it
just through.

Suhaag Raat Should be full of foreplay, you both should be ready to
spare a minimum of 5 hours for kind each other and talking
about sex. It is not worth sleeping that night. You have lot of nights
to sleep. It is the nighttime you have to enjoy.

ForePlay Starts: – - -

Ask her the knowledge of sex. It is not a shame if she had some
previous knowledge of sex, or if she know what is kissing.. prate lot
about foreplay techniques like kissing, fondling, sucking, licking…
Just talking these can arouse both of you and may make you ready in that
sex. But, go Very SLOWLY.

Hold her hands, see her Mehendi, try searching your name. Generally,
husbands name is printed on hands. Look at her nails, nail polish..
both nails and toe.

Slowly Kiss her hands and palm and fingers. A fired up kiss on
fingers may send her receptivity signal to her.

Remove her finger ring.
Remove her bangles – both hands
Remove her Benefit Cuffs
Remove her stock rings
Remove her bracelet
Drain her necklace
Remove her Mangalsutra
Remove her Head ornaments
Extract her Foot ornaments, if any.

Bangles make noise again may break and ornaments may stage lost. Keep all
removed ornaments on table or a plant you ca get them easily.

Part gigantic time to remove ornaments / jewlerry / bangles. Ask her her
help, if you cannot remove on own.

Compose her bare of ornaments / jewlerry

Proceed As Subservient: -

Legitimate is time to kiss her and feel her

Kiss her on her nails, palm
Kiss her on wrist ( both )
Kiss her on her hands
Kiss her on her ears
Kiss her on her back of neck
Kiss her on hair
Snog her on forehead
Kiss her on cheeks
Kiss her on neck
Kiss her on chin
Kiss her on shoulders

Give a plain passionate and very light Kiss on her LIPS. You may craving
to twist her and your mouth to punch in closer and face to face.

Kissing usually effect effect generating lot of feelings in her and you.

It Is Time to make her bare: -

Making a women bare when she is in Saree is a assembly of fun.

Let your hands move slowly and very slowly over her shoulder in searh
of saree pallu pin.

Remove the Saree Pallu Pin.

Now you have to slowly slide her saree pallu destitute.


It is great moment….. It is really great moment, you are looking at
her breasts in her blouse.

Imagine the size of them.. Ask her BRA size,, front open or back

If women did not have sex before, she will feel shy and may cover her
breasts using hands…

Let your reinforcement movement uncut over her blouse, hands, shoulders…
Shift hands all over her BRA belt, BRA Lace… and whence all over her
Breasts. Original is time your hands should feel her breasts.

Kiss her brests
Kiss in between breasts
Give a Light Squeeze.

This starts increasing Womens sex feelings.

It is advance to the bride groom to start removing his Kurta – Piazama….

Remove her blouse buttons one by one
Remove her blouse

WOW…. Hold u seen a male in BRA…?

Duration for slowly playing with her breasts. Play conforming

Cup her breasts using your hands
Fondle her breasts
Kiss her breasts

Slide her BRA belt again play with her naked shoulders..

Remove her BRA….

WOW… Its all here….. very tender, very milky, very soft… very
gentle breasts in front of you…

Kiss Breasts
Kiss Nipples
Suck Nipples
Cup her breasts in hands
Lift Breasts in hands
Lick Nipples
Bite lightly on nipples
Fondle Breasts like lemon squeeze

Sure, she is now ready and must have started agility of moaning.

Give her Kiss on her LIPS. Use tongue.

It is Time to make her completely bare: -

It requires removing her saree besides petticot again then a panty.


Coming Foreplay: – - – -

Licking all over her thighs
Licking her buttocks
Pressing her buttocks
Moving hands all over buttocks
Moving hands all over feet, legs, toes, thighs

Next Foreplay: – - -

A kiss on her cunt sends a very firm signal of feelings and prepares

Use your go hand and middle finger. Move hands all over her thighs
and bring very near to her cunt, start teasing very near part using
middle finger. You may like to start kissing her on LIPS…

Let your middle finger, start slowly go inside her cunt in search
whether she is wet or not… Do, in and out… several times…

Next Foreplay: – - -

It is duration for you to emerge as extended besides show your penis to her…

Usually it requires kindly between wife and husband about vocal
sex.. If she does not approximating.. leave it… do not force.. her..

If she agrees.. here real goes.

You sleep. Let her sit near penis and bend.

Lassie holds the penis in her dove-like hands
Damsel looks at the penis
She plays with testis
She plays Penis using her hands empiricism up / down..
She starts kissing the penis, first on top and then middle and then
She starts licking the penis, first on top, middle besides then the bottom.
She then opens her abyss and Creates a ” O ” shape, her lips are open
beneath to have perfect ” O ” Shape.
She bends and starts to take penis slowly in mouth.

You will surely moan, It is time for to pamper her hair, her ears.
Play go underground her hair and her ears.. when you are in her mouth.


TIme to Join…

All this foreplay, kissing, licking, sucking, fondling… takes to one
last course.. It is intercourse or fucking.

You find a best position. The best during suhaag raat, is she sleeps
below and You sleep over her..

If she is not sufficiently wet, confess more foreplay. You may usability hair
oil in her cunt.. to make it wet..

Give Her very small jerks first.. sublet your penis potency inside cunt slowly.
Once it reaches the limit open further insert again…

Doint this with low, medium, high jerks can cause parcel of satisfaction
through you and her….

Please be posted that, if she does not clot blood it does not mean that
she is not vergin.. A Woemn can lose hymen as early as her childhood
playing a cycle or cricket or goliii…

The suhaag raat should end in enjoyment and both of you should be
relieved and happy once intercourse is over..





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