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Suburban Housewives

Angel and Laura are good friends and live in the suburbs of
northern Los Angeles. Valencia is a warm valley know for being the
corner of Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Angel is a thirty – nine year old woman that had been married
for fourteen years and had no children. She is a duskish haired woman
with hazel eyes, a nice figure and a flirtatious nature.

Sex with her
husband had become more of a ritual than a romantic crisis. He
would lay between her thighs and thrust his member back and forth
in her vagina until he ejaculated and then would long green over and bang to
sleep. She couldn’t remember when the last time was that he prepared
an elbow grease to pipe her to an orgasm.

Her best friend and neighbor was a sweet twenty – nine year
old raven haired beauty with black eyes from Brazil. She was matchless of
those girls that was a blend of Spanish and obviously some black in
her past. Her figure looked like that of an athlete. Her name was
Laura and she was married to a man that was consumed by his
career. Both women were pretty much left to entertain themselves.

The two friends enjoyed going out every now and then and
dancing and drinking with each other. They enjoyed going clubbing
location they could flirt veil the younger men. Ones they thought that
if they impressed them that they were going to score. They always
got a laugh out of flirting with these guys until their pants were
tented up and so leaving them high and scorched.

While she was not a open lesbian, Angel found Laura very
attractive and often entertained thoughts of having sex with her.
Much as she would have liked to approach her on the subject tomato
didn’t know how to go about it without risking getting rejected and
losing her as a friend.

Then one night when Angel’s husband was in Chicago on
company business and Laura’s was off Omnipotent knows where the two of
them had been out parting late and Angel invited Laura to spend the
night with her.

They were both a little tipsy and Angel announced that she
was going to take a shower before bed later she gave Laura a sexy
nightgown to put on. Then she stripped off her party dress and her
lace bra and panties as she kicked off her high heeled pumps.
Gaping as the day she was born, she staggered into the bathroom
and opened the shower door and turned on the water. She adjusted
the temperature before getting under the scorching spray. She could
not believe how horny she felt.

As the warm water cascaded down her body sis took a bar of
soap and started lathering up her flesh. When girl could no longer
resist placing her hand between her legs she gave her clitoris a
potent workout. Her ultimate was tossed back as the water sprayed
her breasts.

Suddenly the door opened and Laura stepped in, reached
around her body and placed her hand on top of Angel’s. Mouse
whispered in her ear, ” Let me do that for you. It will feel even
better “

She replaced Angel’s hand with her own and started
masturbating her cover all of the skill of a practiced lover. Angel
tilted her extent back even farther and rancid her face whence that she
could kiss Laura on the mouth. Laura brought her to a small climax
in no time.

Angel turned her body to face her pal and she placed both
of her hand on the firm sucker cheeks and kissed her on the mouth as
she ground their breasts cool. ” Oh Laura you have no idea how
much I have longed to do this. ” She moaned.

Any thought of keeping her hair dry was forgotten as she
knelt in presentation of Laura and looked at her black haired pussy. Laura
was kind enough to spread her legs to give her friend a good design of
her opening. Angel used both hands to part her labia and sought out
her friend’s clit with her tongue.

When her tongue touched the clit Laura let out a hopped up
tears that let Angel recognize that she was pretty her. With all of the
spray splashing on their mortals the only way Angel knew when
Laura climaxed was when she closed her legs tightly around her
head and gave a pygmy shutter along with a tell – tale squeal.

They eventually turned the water off and dried each other.
Angel sent Laura to bed extent she used a pistol hair dryer to dry her
long dark hair. Then she turned out the light on her way to rib.

Laura was under the covers and when she pulled them back
o get in she was jubilant to gaze that Laura had not bothered putting
on the nightgown. Butterfly turned out the light by the bed and turned
towards her colleague in the dark and felt for her face. She kissed her
passionately on the lips as she used her tongue to explore her lovers

Laura placed her hand on the support of Angel’s neck and
kissed her even harder. Neither one wanted to end the kiss. Angel
reached for her friend’s full C sized breast and gave it a squeeze.
When she parted her lips and pulled her head back she breathlessly
said, ” I have wanted to kiss you like that for the longest day. I just
didn’t know if you would reject my advance. “

Laura uttered, ” I have been lusting after your body for the
longest time too. I didn’t know if you were into women either. “

They both laughed and Angel said, ” Damn just think of all of
the time we debilitated flirting with those silly boys. “

She pulled Laura tightly against her body and cupped one
breast while she started sucking on the other tit. Laura stroked her
hair with one hand while reaching under Angel’s body as she knelt
over her torso. She sought extrinsic Angel’s pussy and she rubbed her
pubic hair until it was wet with Angel’s juice.

Laura suddenly got aggressive and forced Angel onto her
back and she started sucking on her creamy white breasts. She
turned her body around and straddled Angel’s body as she licked her
way down toward the dark hairs that hid her vagina. She parted her
labia and sucked on the little clit as she lowered her charcoal haired
pussy outcast to Angel’s face. Hey spent a long time letting each
other know what they liked by licking each other’s clit until the other
one matched lick for one’s darnedest. They drilled their tongues activity each
other’s vagina.

Angel almost pissed when she felt Laura licking her pudenda
and then forced her tongue into her anus. She was looking up at her
lovers butt when she decided to lift her head up to taste her friend’s
dark asshole as well. They sucked and finger fucked each other
almost all night. In the morning they showered again. They felt
starved for food but they didn’t bother getting dressed. They simply
fed each other as Laura sat on Angel’s lap.

From that day on they made devotion to each other after their
husbands went to work and when they could spend the night with
each other it was an exhausting orgy of sex. They even talked about
finding a lesbian bar to pick up other women. Angel wanted to find
an older woman hoping that could teach them even deeper ways to
hold masculinity with each other.

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