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My Nephew!!

My nickname is Sonia. I am a very successful twenty-four year dated runway design.

I stand 5’ 9”, blonde with a slender build and perfect 36B tits. My pussy of direction is waxed as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I am married to a well-known defenseman who plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs. With our combined income we have a very comfortable lifestyle.

We own a luxury condo apartment on the site of the dated maple Leaf Gardens. It has a wonderful view of the Toronto skyline and is correctly downtown making it unnecessary for me to propel to assignments, I just hop in a cab.

It was March break when my brother’s son came to spend a couple of days with us in the big megalopolis. Brad was a high faculty senior from a nearby town and was glad to get away from his bossy parents for a couple of days.

My brother Rob and I had been close in our childhood years. Our parents were going though a rough patch and we sought refuge in each other’s corporation. We played “doctor” and all the other things young boys and girls do. Rob had talked me into sucking his cock once nevertheless he comes in my mouth and it tasted horrible, I never did it again. He did rub the head of his cock on my pussy a infrequent times however we never in fact fucked.

Brad was the image of his father, tall, blonde with an athletic build. He was well past puberty and possessed the body of a adult.

I met Brad at the GO train station and we hopped a cab to catch him to our place. We had a guest bedroom so accommodation was not a occupation.

“What would you like for dinner Brad?” I asked as we got m settled in.

“Anything will be fine Aunt Sonia.” He politely answered.

“Uncle Rick is away playing so there will just be the two of us. I can send gone for Chinese if you like?”

“That would be great!” Brad smiled.

I had the remainder of the day clear and had no plans to go outside.

“Do you intellect if I alter into something comfortable Brad?” I asked.

“No, go ahead.” Said my blue jean clad nephew.

I went into my bedroom and removed my suit and underwear and naughtily lay on my favorite around-the-house outfit, a wispy sheer shortie gown. The gown allowed me the freedom of being almost nude however it was not completely see-through, just suggestive.

I went back into the living room to join Brad who was watching
the big screen TV.

“Wow Aunt Sonia!” Brad exclaimed when he observeed up.

“Yes I know, it’s a great TV.” I smiled.

“No, I mean you!” my nephew said, “You look so hot!”

“Well I am a imitation Brad, my body is my trade.” I replied.

“There are no girls like you in our town.” Brad dismayed.

“Would you like to see it all?” I brazenly asked him.

Brad looked at me in disbelief. Was I offering him a chance to see me nude?

“Sure.” He smiled.
I don’t know why I got this sudden crush on my young nephew, maybe since he reminded me so much of my brother when he was Brad’s age. I had often wondered what it would have been like if my brother and I had been lovers?

Casually I slipped the spaghetti straps off my shoulders and allowed and allowed gravity to render me nude.

Brad stared wide-eyed at my naked body. Slowly I pirouetted in front of him so he could examine my complete body. The bulge in his jeans displayed his approval of what he saw.

“Are you a virgin?” I boldly asked my young nephew.

Brad looking embarrassed confessed he was. He told me that I was the first naked woman he had seen. He confided that he masturbated looking at pictures of naked women in magazines.

“Would you masturbate looking at me?” I asked, “I would like to watch you.”

We went into Brad’s room where I thought he would be more comfortable. I closed the door behind us.

“O.K., let’s see!” I said as I sat naked on the edge of his bed.

Brad fumbled getting his cock outside. It was rigid and erect, a beautiful young cock!

“Can I touch it?” I asked.

Brad took a hardly any steps closer and I reached outside and grasped his erection. His cock was throbbing in my plam. I began to stroke him.

I could tell by the gaze of delight on my nephew’s face he was enjoying my touch. Knew he was going to come quickly.

I saw a bead of precum suddenly glistening on the tip of his cock which was the signal to celerity up my strokes.

It was seconds before his jizz started firing gone of the head of his cock in lenghty creamy strings, quickly my head went down and I swallowed his ejaculating member.

His warm sticky cream shot across my tongue and started sliding down my throat leaving a salty trail of slime. Greedily I sucked and sucked until I had ingested every drop of his sperm.

Brad’s cock was spent and I needed quick relief with my tongue coated with Brad’s fresh sperm. I threw myself across the bed and opened my legs.

“Lick me!” I pleaded.

Brad could see correctly into my open pussy, he could see my gold clit ring sparkling. He buried his face in my crotch.

Brad started eating my cunt like it was a banana slit. His tongue was darting I and gone of my cherish tunnel, up and encircling my clitoris and exploring the valley of his dreams.

He was driving me crazy and I knew I was going to explode.

“Oh God Brad, I’m going to cum!” I screamed.

I am a bit of a “squinter” when I have an intense orgasm and my young nephew received his first moutsidehful of pussy juice.

We both lay side-by-side on his bed satisfied.

“Tonight you are sleeping in my bed!” I informed Brad before we got up again.

Slipping on a robe I called out for a delivery of Chinese aliment and uncorked a bottle of Chardonnay.

The young Asian delivery boy arrived in about forty-five minutes with our order. Giving him a generous tip and a great observe at my boobs I called Brad from his room.

As we ate our take-out and drank wine Brad and I exchanged small talk about the family and what his plans were. The sun was beginning to locate and it had been a extended day.

“What do you assert we go to bed immediately and get any early start?” I asked Brad.

My nephew smiled his agreement.

My boudoir is a absolute sex pit. A king-size canopy bed covered with a billowy white duvet and aboutside a million overstuffed pillows. The large bedroom window looks out over the megalopolis skyline, which was just beginning to sparkle with a large number of lights.

Slipping off my robe once more I was naked before my teenage nephew. I could tell Brad was uncomfortable in this strangely erotic setting.

“I’m just going to get ready, you can slip into bed.” I said as I went into our ensuite washroom.

I figured this would give Brad an opportunity to undress and get under the covers while I was gone of the room.

When I returned Brad was in my bed, just his face smiling outside from under the duvet.

“O.K. mister, you ready to gaze after your Aunt Sonia?” I asked slipping under the covers with him.

He was naked and rigid as a rock! I never cease to be amazed by the hardness of young cocks. Every bit of blood from his brain must have been sapped into his cock.

“What do we have here?” I smiled holding Brad’s erection in my hand.” Aunt Sonia would confident like some of that in her.”

I threw the covers off of us and lay on my back with my legs wide spread. Brad climbed on top of me mounting me like his bitch.

I reached down and guided the head of his cock to my opening. Brad lowered his hips driving his rigid cock into m waiting fuck hole.

“Oh yes!” I moaned as he raised my ankles up onto his broad shoulders.

I was doubled in half and Brad’s cock was almost touching my heart.

“Fuck me Baby!” I whispered.

I discovered one does not demand to interrogate an eighteen-year-old cock to fuck when it is in one’s pussy. Brad started ramming me like he was trying to break some kind of celerity record.

“Easy Brad!’ Extended slow strokes.” I coached him.

We fell into a more comfortable rhythm with Brad’s cock sensuously sliding in and gone of my passage, which was becoming slick with my juices.

It was a extended leisurely fuck and I enjoyed every stroke of Brad’s cock in my pussy as I clenched his weapon. Each date Brad quickened his stokes as he was nearing a climax I made him pause until he regained control. We were in a comfortable position, I was lying on my back with my arms over my head and Brad was on top of me supporting much of his weight on his elbows.

We managed almost half-an-hour of delicious fucking before Brad had to release his load. I managed to talk him up to his climax so I could cum with him.

“Oh yes! Yes!” I cried as my pussy clamped onto his cock like a leach sucking all his sperm from him.

I felt Brad’s hot lava ebbing into every nook of my womb.

“That was great.” I praised my young nephew, “I haven’t cum like that in a lenghty age.”

We lay locked in each other’s arms for a while, kissing and caressing. Thanks to the marvel of youth Brad rose to the occasion again in a very short time.

“Can I fuck your bum Aunt Sonia?” Brad asked.

I was shocked, what did such a young lad know about anal intercourse?

“Why do you desire to do that?” I asked him.

“A friend of mine says he fucks his mother’s ass and it’s really good.” Brad explained.

“There’s some cream in that drawer beside you.” I answered.

I was never a fan of getting fucked in the ass. I had allowed a photographer to fuck my ass in my early days of modeling to get an assignment however for my husband my back door was off limits. It did feel great though when Brad slathered my bunghole with the cool KY jelly!

“We best do this doggy.” I advised Brad assuming the position. “Now capture it easy!”

Brad parted my ass cheeks with is left plam and inserted his cockhead into my puckered brown starfish with is fair. My anus opened to allow the wrong path traffic.

“Easy!” I cried as he stretched me open.

“Sorry.” Brad said recognizing my discomfort.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he inched his rigid pole into my bowels. Mercifully I felt his pubic hair press against my ass, all nine inches of him was in me!

“Play with my clit!” I begged.

Brad’s help reached encircling and his finger went into my pussy.

My dirt chute was coming alive with Brad’s cock stretching it.

“O.K., fuck it!” I moaned as he strummed my clit like he was playing a banjo.

Brad increased the tempo of his plunges, battle celerity, ramming precipitation! His cock was stretching my turd cutter to advanced limits as his cock hammered deep within my ass. I knew he was about to blast another load of his cream far up into my intestines.

“Yahoo!” Brad hollered as he delivered his sperm into my bunker.

Brad withdrew correctly away as my asshole tried to suck him back into me.

“Stick it in my mouth!” I cried.

“What?” Brad said not certain he had heard my request correctly.

“Shove your cock into my mouth, I desire to taste it.” I repeated.

Brad obeyed my plea offering my mouth his quickly wilting cock. Greedily I grabbed it and stuffed it into my mouth.

He tasted pungent and I could taste his freshly discharged semen and the musk from my forbidden hollow mingling on his discharged weapon. I sucked him clean.

My ass to mouth routine amazed Brad. He could not understand what pleasure I would get by taking his cock into my mouth after it had been up my ass?

It was a night of firsts and experimentation for my novice nephew. His auntie taught him about all the debauchery girls commit with boys.

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