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Getting Pregnant

My name is Lekhraj and I have a wonderful wife. Divya and I have
been trying to have a minor, nevertheless every month she is fair on date
with her period. Our doctor has tested my sperm and thinks it is my
difficulty. He has suggested we consider a sperm bank if we require to
have children. We are seriously considering that, nevertheless we desire to
keep trying for awhile longer.

My sister, Shashi, and her husband Dev, visit us often with their
two children. The children are dated enough to be tearing enclosing the
house while we visit. We don’t attitude the noise on account of we like
watching them play and, at the same date, wishing we had at least
one of our own. Shashi and Dev sympathize with us and suggest we go
ahead to apply the sperm bank.

Shashi often talks about Dev’s potent sperm and that she has to be
very careful to be certain and capture her birth control pills on age.
They don’t require any more children correctly instantly.

One day while Shashi and Dev were visiting us, Dev made a joking
statement that we could employ him as a stud and he wouldn’t charge
anything. He would gladly do it for clear. We all laughed and ribbed
him for being so eager to plant his seed in Divya. Nevertheless it made me
set off to think about his joke. Suddenly I had an belief. Dev is a nice
healthy guy. Would that be higher quality than going to a sperm bank? I
dismissed the thought as a wild notion.

Later that night while I was having sex with Divya, I was thinking
about having some argument with her. Should we apply Dev’s sperm to
get her pregnant? He could go to a doctor, jack off, then the doctor
could implant his sperm. Or, he could place his cock in Divya’s cunt
to cum inside her. I assumed Divya and Shashi would veto that at the end
method. Also, I’m not confident whether I would like Dev to fuck my wife.

I softly commented to Divya, “I don’t know if you’ve thought about
it, nevertheless Dev is a pleasant healthy person. We could employ his sperm to get
you pregnant.”

“I’ve thought a miniature about that, as well. However would you desire him to
implant his seed in me? You know, I was a virgin when we married and
you’re the only one I’ve had for sex.”

I hesitated to respond. Evidently she was thinking that the only method
to get his sperm was to get fucked by him.

I said, “It would all be in the family. No one would ever know
except the four of us. Do you think Shashi would let her husband
have sex with you? I know my sister well enough to know she would
not comply. She seems very possessive of her husband and in our
Indian culture incestuous relations are prohibited”

“Don’t worry about her. Tell me how you would feel my dear husband.”

“Oh, I can bear it for us to have a healthy baby.”

I was getting so turned on thinking about my sexy wife being fucking
by another adult that I immediately started cuming in her. My brother
in code was a very handsome male and he often loved to seduce my wife
for illicit jokes.

When my breathing came back to normal and I relaxed, she said, “Did
that turn you on? I mean when we were talking about your brother-in-
decree having sex with me.”

I was embarrassed and commented, “I don’t know.”

I knew that was a lie. I did get really turned on thinking about
Dev’s cock going back and forth, then spewing cum in her.

Nothing more was said about it until the following weekend. We were
visiting Dev and Shashi. Divya was playing with the two children
when she said, “I require a baby. Somehow I’m going to get pregnant.”

Dev joking said, “So you desire a baby. I have the sperm. I’d be happy
to give it to you����. Should we commence fair immediately or later?”

Shashi gave her husband dirty gaze and left for the kitchen.

Divya laughed to hide her embarrassment. She whispered softly
looking at the ground “OK, that’s a deal.” She looked at me to get
my reaction.

Divya continued in a joking voice, “That might turn my husband on if
we went into the bedroom together.”

Just then Shashi returned with snacks. Divya then became more
serious, “I’ll do almost anything to get impregnated from a healthy
guy like you. That is, if my husband and your wife won’t get jealous.

Suddenly, everyone became more serious on account of they thought Divya
really meant what she was saying.

Divya continued, “No one would ever know except the four of us. I
could have a healthy baby. As far as anyone else knows, Lekh would
be the father.

There seemed to be a dead silence for a very lenghty age. I looked
enclosing at the others to see them in deep thought.

I broke the silence, “I would go along with it if every one else
would comply.”

My sister said, “Lekh, are you confident you require Dev to get in bed with
your wife?”

“We desire a baby so much that I’m all for it.”

Divya then looked at Dev, “I’m ready.”

Divya walked over to kiss me. “I’ll be back in a small while.”

She then turned to Dev, “Come on with me.”

Dev looked at Shashi and got up. He followed Divya down the hall
into the bedroom.

Lekhraj watched his wife walking away to be fucked by another adult.

Lekhraj and his sister looked at each other as if they didn’t
believe it was happening. It all happened with just a infrequent minutes of

Lekhraj faced his sister and said, “Please forgive me. Nevertheless we desire a
baby badly.”

Shashi remained silent, he continued “What do they expect us to do,
just idly sit here while they are getting naked in the bedroom?”

“I guess so. Let’s talk about something to get our minds off of what
is happening.”

They sat and tried to create small talk, however they couldn’t think of
much to affirm. Their minds were on the activities they assumed were
going on in the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Divya took the initiative. She place her arms
encircling Dev’s neck and kissed him lightly at first, then he held her
tight and they kissed deeply. As their tongues met, he hugged her
more tightly.

He commented, “You are so soft and so sexy, I had a fantasy of
kissing these rosy lips of yours since I saw you for the first age.”

They kissed some more as they slowly undressed. He sat down on the
bed so she could pull his pants off to expose a very rigid erection.
It was a rare familiarity for her to see a cock other than her
husband’s. He removed Divya’s saree and then he unneverthelesstoned her
blouse. He kept on kissing every inch of her exposed milky mounds.

Then he buried his face in the valley between her boobs and extended
his arms at her back to unclasp the hook of her bra. Her bra hung
loose on her shoulders. He caught the joint of the two cups of her
bra with his teeth and pulled it away from her body. She tried to
hide her boobs once but he removed her hands from her melons. He
kissed her nipples. Then he opened his lips to catch outside his tongue.
His tongue started roaming over her nipples and the black patches.

Divya pushed his head on her boobs with impact. He took a mouthful of
one of her boobs in his mouth and started sucking. After sucking for
some date he bit rigid on her boob. She cried “oooouuuuuu” . When he
left her boob his teeth mark was clearly visible as red patch on her
milky boob. He did the same on the other boob also.

“immediately you shall remember our cherish making whenever you see my teeth
mark on your boobs”

He pulled the knot of her petticoat and it left her body to lie on
the ground. He looked at her vaginal mound hidden by her lacy panty.
He then kneeled down. He then kissed there. He hooked his thumbs in
the elastic waist band of her panties to pull it down. She thought
she would be embarrassed standing naked in front of him, however she
felt reasonably at ease. He seemed to be mesmerized to see her
shapely body with her complete breasts pointed at his head.

She thought about taking his cock in her mouth, however realized the
goal she was in the bedroom with him was to get pregnant. Before
she knew what was happening, he made her sit on the edge of the bed
while he was standing in front of her. His cock was on the level
with her mouth. He edged forward allowing his cock to touch her
face. She opened her mouth as he pushed the head in. She cupped his
balls while he made slow back and forth movements. She sucked his
cock for nearly five minutes before moving his mouth away.

She pushed him back a miniature to be able to speak. “Let’s get on the
bed and place this big part in me.”

She could see he was very aroused and ready. She lied down on her
back, opened her legs allowing him to mount her. His cock was prying
for her hole. She took his cock in one plam to give it the correctly
direction. He moaned as he penetrated her completely on the first
stroke. His cock pulled back and plunged again. Their bodies began
to move together to relish the sexual ecstasy. He was so excited to
be fucking his sister-in-law that he could not hold back. She was
encouraging him to flood her womb and was not concerned about having
an orgasm for herself. A infrequent moments later he gave a final plunge
and loudly moaned as he shot the cum she so much wanted in her womb.
His sexual convulsions were so dynamic and prolonged that she had a
great orgasm, as well.

He laid on top of her while both of them were gasping for breath. He
started to roll off of her, however she said, “Keep it in me for a
small while. Remember, I desire to get pregnant.”

When his cock became soft and small and she couldn’t feel it, he
rolled off to lie beside her.

When he had regained his breath and strength, he said, “That was
wonderful sweetheart, maybe we should rest a infrequent minutes before I
get rigid again for another fucking session.”

“No, I think we should go back to the living room immediately. Doing it a
second age fair instantly probably won’t aid in getting me pregnant. It
would probably be bigger if you come to me in a couple of days to
try again.”

Lekhraj and his sister, Shashi, were in the living room trying to
carry on a conversation. Lekhraj glanced at his watch to sign their
spouses had been in the bedroom for about a half hour. Why was Dev
taking so extended to fill her with his sperm. They weren’t supposed to
be enjoying themselves. He was supposed to just get her pregnant.
They are not there to like and fondle.

Lekhraj and Shashi were still sitting in the living room when their
spouses emerged from the bedroom fully dressed. Lekhraj thought they
looked well satisfied.

Lekh spoke first, “Well, how did it go?”

Divya responded, “Successful for the first try.”

Then Dev piped up, “And it was much fun.”

Shashi gave him a dirty observe. “It wasn’t supposed to be fun.”

Lekhraj added, “Let them have their fun if it is going to get her

Divya had brought a towel with her to sit on as she sat down beside
Lekhraj. She leaned into him for a lingering kiss. “Maybe you will
be a daddy very soon.”

The two couples talked about getting together again. It was going to
be another three weeks before Divya’s period was due. Dev would have
plenty of age to try to impregnate her again. Divya invited Dev and
Shashi to come over again soon. Bring the kids on account of they could
play in the basement while the adult activities were going on.

Two evenings later Dev and Shashi arrived for the visit. They sat
for a glass of beer to talk about everypart except for the one
thing they knew would happen.

Divya looked admiringly at the children as they played.

“I’m going to have one of those in about nine months from immediately.”

Divya got up to tug Dev to his feet, “OK, big boy, let’s go.”

She looked at Shashi, “Why don’t you catch the children to the
basement where there is plenty of room for them to play.”

Divya and Dev stood help in plam until the children had disappeared
with Shashi. Lekhraj wistfully watched his wife lead his brother-in-
code down the hall and disappear through the bedroom door. He knew
she was going to get her pussy complete of cum again.

Dev took Divya in his arms to kiss her deeply. She could feel his
hardness rubbing against her body. He mentioned that at the end age they
hurried also much. He suggested that as lenghty as they were going to
have sex, it should be enjoyable to both of them.

“Don’t hurry, nevertheless have more foreplay.” She agreed.

They slowly undressed together. When her bra was removed, he nuzzled
her breasts, then kissed them. She realized she could enjoy his
caresses much more than she thought. He kissed her stomach,
positioned her to sit on the edge of the bed, and then got down on
his knees to bury his face at her crotch. He licked up and down her
slit. She laid back on the bed, spread her legs allowing him all the
room he needed to kiss between her crotch all the method from the
crease of her ass to her clit. She was starting to moan a small and
encouraged him to continue kissing and licking. She pushed his face
to her cunt with her hands.

They moved up on the bed where she lied down facing the ceiling. He
slept on her with his face towards her cunt. They were lying in 69
position. She took his cock in her mouth.

She pulled back his cock from her mouth once to assert, “I wonder what
Shashi and Lekh are going to think if we capture a lenghty date before we
are through.”

“Correctly immediately, I’m not thinking about that. I’m enjoying my age here
with you as well much. You are a very sexy beautiful lady.”

Shashi had returned from the basement to join her brother in the
living room. They sat silent listening for any noises coming from
the bedroom.

Finally Lekhraj said, “They must be taking their date. I don’t hear
any loud moaning, groaning or yelling to indicate that they had started

“Yes, I think they are in there enjoying themselves while we sit
here twiddling our thumbs. What do you think we should do?”

“Sis, I always thought you were a sexy looking gal, nevertheless you are my
sister and I wasn’t allowed to touch you. I used to sneak a peek at
you when you were in an undressed condition. You were sexy then and
I think you are still sexy immediately.”

Shashi looked silently towards her elder brother for some date
reading his face and finding her emotions drifting gone through her

“I always thought you were a handsome guy. If you weren’t my
brother, I would’ve dated you back then.”

“Well, what do you think we should do about it while your husband
and my wife are having sex correctly immediately in the master bedroom?”

“tell me���” she whispered and stated looking towards her
nails, “what do you desire to do?”

He held her by her chin and lifted her face. She looked in his eyes.

“will you allow me�..?”

“Let’s go to your spare bedroom.”

Shashi led the method down the hall while Lekh followed. He watched his
sister’s butt wiggle as she walked in her saree. He thought, after
all these years he is going to see her naked and have sex with her.
His cock was already dense in anticipation.

Lekh turned on the dim table lamp. He wanted a faint brilliance so that
he could see her in all her naked beauty. They hugged and kissed. Up
to immediately, their kisses had been a blaze peck on the lips. Immediately their
lips opened allowing their tongues to mesh.

She pulled back to assert, “You really know how to kiss. I think you do
that higher quality than my husband.”

They helped each other undress. He had briefly seen her breasts in
the past, instantly he looked at them, then kissed the nipples. He thought
they were very shapely and beautiful and told her, “Sis, I didn’t
know you had such complete and beautiful breasts.”

When his shorts dropped and his rigid cock stood straight gone, she
took it in her help.

“I saw your cock once when it was soft, nevertheless that was years ago. You
really have a big rigid one immediately. I’ll bet you wife loves it. Let’s
get into the bed; I require to feel it in my mouth.”

Lekhraj was more than ready for his sister to catch his erection in
her mouth. He had never had a great view of her pussy in the past,
instantly he wanted to see it. He rolled her over on top of him in a six
nine position. The table lamp was bright enough for him to easily
see her pussy and ass. He used his tongue to lick her pussy and suck
on her clit. She was wiggling her butt as if she was enjoying it. He
realized his nose was rubbing her ass hole. He decided to lick up
higher going up the crease of her ass. She moaned a small as he did

Lekh was beginning to push into her mouth. He knew he was going to
cum if she continued to go down on his cock.

“Sis, I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.”

He had warned her, nevertheless immediately he knew she wanted him to cum in her
mouth on account of she started vigorously working on him. His body jerked
and spasmed as he shot spurt after spurt in her mouth and throat. He
was gasping for air so much that he wasn’t sucking her clit enough
for her to have an orgasm. Once relaxed, he started sucking on her
clit again. Her pussy was squirming on his face as an orgasm was
building up in her body. He could hear his sister’s heavy breathing
while she was pushing her pussy into his mouth.

After her orgasm, they laid side by side in silence for a small
while. Then Lekhraj thought he should assert something to ease his
sister from feeling guilty.

“That was so sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Did you?”

“Yes, that was great. I’m rather surprised we did this at all.”

“I know, all those years through High College I tried to peek at your
nakedness or observe up your dress. We could have had a great age if we
weren’t hung up on the belief that brothers and sisters or other
family members don’t have sex.”

She hesitated as if listening for other noises, and then
commented, “I haven’t heard anything from the other bedroom. Do you
think they have finished.”

“I don’t know, however I require to bury my cock in you before we get up.
I’ll be rigid again in a short date.”

Shashi took her brother’s cock in her help to slowly jack it off.
She could feel it coming to existence again. She laid on her back, spread
her legs, then coached Lekh to mount her. By the age he was on top
of her, his cock was very dense. Since she was very juicy, his cock
plunged all the method in.

They laid still as they shared a lenghty sexy kiss. Before tonight,
Lekhraj had never thought kissing his sister like this could be so

In the meantime in the other bedroom, Dev and Divya had been
leisurely having sex. He had flooded her pussy with cum once. They
decided to relax for a while, and then have more sex. She took his
cock in her mouth to get it dense again. She kissed his balls while
thinking this is where the sperm is coming from that is going to get
me pregnant. Dev then mounted her doggie style and proceeded to
slowly fuck her.

Divya said, “I’m wondering if our mates are getting bored sitting in
the living room while we are having our fun.”

“Let them wait, I’m going to enjoy this for a extended date. I could
spend all night with you and not get worn outside.”

Back in the other bedroom, Shashi and her brother had finished
having orgasms while his cock pumped cum her pussy. They decided to
get up and dress. When they entered the living room they did not see
their mates.

Lekhraj commented, “Dev and Divya must really be enjoying their date
together. They are in there to get her pregnant, however I suspect they
are staying longer since they are having a great date. That’s
alright; we had a wonderful date as well.”

Shashi and her brother were just getting settled in the living room
when their mates came outside of the master bedroom to enter the living

Lekhraj was the first to speak, “Well, do you think you are pregnant
yet? Since it took you so extended, you two must have been enjoying

Dev spoke, “I wanted to create confident I gave her enough sperm so we
stayed longer. I only wanted to get her pregnant.”

Both Lekhraj and Shashi knew that he was a big fib, nevertheless they let it
go by. Dev walked over to Shashi to sit by her side. They hugged and
kissed each other. Divya sat by Lekhraj who was more than happy to
hug and kiss his own wife. Shashi served coffee and beer while they
all sat and talked about their prospect when Divya would hopefully
have a baby.

Age went by without the two couples getting together again. Divya
missed her period. She went to the doctor who informed her that she
was pregnant. She was elated.

The two couples continued to visit each other nevertheless refrained from
sex. There were also many family members encircling and Divya didn’t require
to chance getting caught. She didn’t desire anyone else to know she
was pregnant by her brother-in-law.

One day when Divya was distinct months along and her belly was rather
big, Dev and Shashi were visiting her without their children or any
other family members.

Dev said, “You know, I think pregnant women are very sexy. When
Shashi was pregnant, I enjoyed so much to see her naked. I could get
a big erection just looking at her.”

Shashi added, “Yes, he wanted sex with me all the age.”

Divya was sitting on the couch and looked at Dev, “If you would like
to, you can rub your help on our baby.”

Dev walked over to her, slowly lay his help on her belly to softly
rub her through her clothes.

“Ooooohhh. That feels so pleasant. It would be much bigger if I could
feel and see your stretched skin.”

Lekhraj said, “Go ahead, it’s alcorrectly with me, pull your dress up
and let him feel.”

Divya responded, “I still have other clothes on under my dress. Let
me go into the bedroom and removed them. I’ll be right back.”

Lekhraj helped Divya stand up, then watched as she walked down the
hall to the master bedroom.

When she came back, everyone noticed she was wearing a gown that was
buttoned the complete length down the front. She sat down on the couch
and proceeded to undo all buttons. She was completely naked
underneath the robe. Everyone noticed her complete breasts were exposed
along with seeing her bush at her crotch. Her belly was very big.

Dev exclaimed, “Oh, that is so beautiful, and sexy if I might add. I
require to feel you and maybe feel the infant move.”

Dev got down on his knees in front of her as the others watched. He
let his hands move over her stretched skin.

He said, “You are so sexy, my cock is about to explode. You turn me
on so much.”

Dev leaned forward to suck on a nipple while his hands roamed over
her belly. His hands went lower to her bush as if he was attempting
to feel her pussy.

Shashi then commented, “Yes, I remember when I was pregnant, you
wanted to fuck me as much as you could. I don’t know if Divya would
approve of that.”

Divya didn’t assert anything however savored his hands roaming her body.
This adult was the father of her baby.

Dev stammered, “Divya, it would be so wonderful if you would……” .
His voice trailed off, however Divya knew what he was hinting about.

Lekhraj said, “Go ahead, it’s alright with me.”
Divya responded to his request, spread her legs and scooted her butt
to the front of the couch. Dev quickly dropped his jeans and shorts
letting his very rigid erection pop gone. He got down on his knees and
guided his erection to her pussy. He rubbed the head up and down her
slit to mix his pre cum with her juices. He was able to get the head
started in, however she was not very wet. He pulled back, moved his
mouth down to kiss and lick her pussy. With his saliva immediately mixing
with other juices, he pushed his tongue in her hole to lubricate
her. Then when he again aimed his cock at her pussy, he was able to
employment it all the method in. He nuzzled her enlarged breasts with his
nose, took each nipple in his mgoneh while his cock was going back
and forth.

When he was about to cum, he yelled, “I’m going to cum and cover you
with it.”

Everyone heard him loudly groan as he shot the first spurt in her
pussy. He quickly pulled out to let the rest of his cum spew all
over her face as he continued to jack his cock. Divya took both
hands to rub his cum all over her stretched belly skin.

As he was coming down from his high, Shashi said, “That’s what he
used to do when I was pregnant. I suspected all along he wanted to
do it with Divya.”

The day came when Divya was rushed to hospital and had a baby boy.
Lekhraj was the proud father, according to the birth certificate.
Dev and Shashi were there to see Divya and the small boy. Dev was a
very proud person, as well, nevertheless he could not tell anyone.

by: “imakelakutchi” imakelakutchi@yahoo.co.in

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