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Afsana & Her Father In Law

Abdul Khan was 56 year old, a retired Banker from Lahore, curtain a ale belly and going bald but his out look still told that once he was a great looking strong man. Neighboring the departure of his beloved wife due to cancer, he had to throw in out his crib due to his loneliness n so he was forced to come besides last with his lone n only 30 – year – old son Salman Raza and his tomato in law in Islamabad. His son Salman got married to a elegant Pakistani American girl in California few years back when he was studying business administration there, now he had a just job in a Care organization in Islamabad. Abdul Khan now had to spend the rest of his life with his only son, as Salman didn’t want him to live alone in Lahore after the departure of his mother.

Abdul Khan knocked on the pretentiousness door also after few seconds, his gorgeous 25 year old daughter in law Afsana Raza appeared, draining a pair of red boxers and a blue tee shirt stifle particular three buttons done reinforcing, showing her plebeian belly. Being born and raised in America, she always used to wear such ” comfortable ” cloths at home. Her straight onyx silky hair hung down to her shoulders and her dark brown eyes stared at him take cover excitement n disbelief.

” Oh Papa, Woww! I meditation you were advent over tomorrow, arise in please “, she said not tell happiness as she gamy around giving Abdul Khan a pronounced view of her tight dunce.

At 5’3 “, bird was genuine beauty. She was bloodless white in color, charming round face with big dark brown eyes, and still had the sweet, innocent, college girl look. She had the perfect figure any man would die to fuck.

” Salman to abhe office mein he hon gay Papa, He had important meetings soon, Shayad jaldi bhi aajayen, but anyway, aap relex ho jayen ” Nymphet verbal.

” I thought I’d catch the midday Friday Bus “, Abdul Khan said while sitting estranged. ” That’s alright Papa, Salman nahi hain to kya hua, chief to hoon na ghar main “, Afsana replied with a smile while bending over to pick up a mug off the coffee table.

Shelter only three buttons done up, this gave Abdul Khan a great scene of her breast, which looked a perfect C – cup. Looking at this Abdul Khan got an present tough on, and had to rearrange him self to screen his receptivity.

Afsana sat down on the couch in front of Abdul Khan and crossed her legs, showing off her beautiful thighs. Her bellybutton was in full view as she started to ask her ” Susar ” about his trip and how he was.

” Its been an ok trip, traveling in a luxury Bus on motorway is not that tiring though “, He replied as his eyes roamed from head to toe at the beauty sitting in front of him.

True had been well over 5 years since Abdul Khan last had sex. After his wife’s illness he never done rightful, Even though he was a sex – loving guy, He had a good constitution in the clutch and that’s why he never tried to go hiring prostitutes. But straightaway due the prolonged sexual starvation, he was feeling so much sexually aroused in front of his nearly half exposed Broad in law. Afsana suddenly realized how much her tee shirt and shorts were exposing herself to her father in law, since she briskly did a stick together exceeding buttons up.

” Oh Papa, I just have to go up and hold a shower, and forasmuch as I’ll get dinner ready. Effect yourself comfortable “, she said while animated up the stairs.

Abdul Khan’s eyes uncontrollably followed the tight ass of Afsana all the way up the stairs also he knew that he needed to have some form of release quickly. Just then the phone rang and Abdul Imperator picked it growing.

” Hello “

” Hi Papa, is that you? ” It was Salman, his son.

” Willingly Beta, Kaise ho yum, Ghar kab aa rahe ho? ” Abdul replied.

” Papa, I m fascinating but I’m afraid I have to bang Karachi for my office scutwork and good be back until Monday. Actually there has been a intervention in our Karachi office again due to this emergency situation; I have to go there n settle the matter down. I’m sorry about this but could you please tell Afsana, I’m just about to get on the trimmed now. I’m sorry but I’ll call later on “.

” Ok beta, She is upstairs, I will tell her “. They both said neato bye and hung up.

Abdul Sovereign decided to put his bags away. He walked up stairs, passing the main bedroom whereabouts he heard the shower running. There must have been a disparate bathroom in their bedroom. He dropped his bags and slowly opened the suggestive door and walked in. On the bed were a couple of blue jeans, and a caucasian cotton top. Abdul Khan was not purely a pervert but lawful now, he was feeling uncontrollable sexual lust. He picked up the top to boast gray drawers and agnate white bra subservient. This was too incomparably. He unknowingly picked up the panties, unzipped his pants, and started to rub his brimming hard lund blot out it. His heart rate more perceptive that his stunningly appealing daughter in law Afsana was in the bathroom nextdoor while he was using her panties to dissolution himself. He increased his pace as he tried to imagine what Afsana would be like in bed, and how it would observe to have Afsana bouncing up and down on his big immense lund. Abdul was close to cumming when he heard the flood disposition off. He hastily dropped the clothes as they were further left the room. He closed the door initiation a small space. Just because he was about to leave, Afsana came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Abdul could have cum just looking at her in only a towel, bantam did he know substantive was about to stir better.

Afsana unhooked the towel, letting live fall to the floor, not knowing that her horny father in law was watching her every deed. With her back to the door, Abdul got a perfect view of that sensational ass he was staring at early. Schoolgirl then turned around showing her milky pure standstill hairless body in all its glory. Her choot was very well trimmed showing very little hair and her breasts were unshakable and perfect, like he imagined. Filly began to dry her bathe hair with her towel, which made her breasts jiggle slightly from gob to side. Abdul put solo of his bags down and used his free hand to inception stroking his lund again from outside his pants. Afsana finished drying her hair, picked up her panties and crooked over to put it on. In reality and so, Abdul got an even better look at her butt discontinuity and choot, further had he not been able to control himself, he could have stormed in right thence and fucked her from behind. Her pink colored ass hole looked very suspicious in that Abdul cogitation to himself if female let his little one put his lund in there. As she bent down to rivet her jeans on, attention took effect on her breasts. This bad eye sent Abdul over the edge, as he shot sperm all over the inside of his pants. Abdul slowly picked up his things again quickly went into his room to pennies.

After dinner, both susar again bahu went pursuit the leaving room to sit down.

Abdul Khan was reposeful reaction a little uncomfortable and sexually charged up in frippery of his naughty daughter in law despite of the mind blowing masturbation he did infinity watching her nude. He badly wanted a slop. Being a moderate up class family, its not a barn door deal to drink casually at home or in parties. He knew that his son drinks totally and there must express a daily of wine in familiar.

He asked Afsana, ” Why don’t you bring up a bottle of wine, nearest a running trek, I badly duty a good amount of alcohol. ” ” Oh sure Papa, I have one. I was saving it for tonight to enjoy with Salman but now since he wont factor home till Monday, You might as well unfastened it up “, Afsana said walking over to the fridge.

” I have a great idea, why don’t you tote up two glasses and enjoy it with me “, Abdul replied looking at Afsana bend over to get the wine extraneous from the fridge. Afsana never had it with her father in law before exclude in few parties but the idea didn’t bother her much, infact she wanted to drink too. As spring chicken then reached up to get two glasses out from the top shelf, her white finest advent up, giving a great sight of her build. The top false her C – cup breast look bigger and her jeans were so tight program off her figure. Abdul couldn’t catching rightful atom more. He had to have her. His design was to essay also slowly seduce her by getting her drunk.

Two hours of talking and drinking passed thanks to the Alcohol was introductory to take its effect on Afsana. Soon the topic sour to work and how Afsana was under some stress lately. She told her father in law about how tiring the household work really.

” Oh meri bachi, Why don’t you come for here again I’ll give you a massage “, Abdul replied. She reluctantly said yes and slowly walked over to Abdul and lent up lambaste him with her dispatch as he started to work on her shoulders.

” Oohh, this feels so good already, so superior of you Papa “, She moaned out.

Abdul continued to squeeze her shoulders as the feeling of having his cute daughter in law Afsana hike against his body started to give him a hard on. Afsana’s eyes were now closed as she started to really luxuriate in what her father in law was background to her shoulders. Her perfect round immolation was now positioned on top of Tahir’s crotch, which made him fully occasion.

” Oohh, I can’t believe how good this feels, you are really good Papa “.

” Its all condign meri bachi, I m here to help you superficial in all your troubles “, Abdul replied camouflage a mysterious hee-haw as he slowly started to gig his crouch into her halfwit.

Afsana realized what was happening. She didn’t really want her father in law to get the wrong message now she loved her husband unqualified much and would never cheat on him but the alcohol and the soft massaging hands of the decrepit man were doing something inside her. Aligned though she was motility a bit horny but the thought of sleeping with her father in law suddenly disgusted her a working. Baby doll put both her hands on Tahir’s legs as she tried to push her self kill his crouch. In her lazy state, this only caused her to maneuver her ass up and down while using her hands to rub his thighs. All of a sudden she felt powerfully horny, and she wished Salman were here so she could make love to him like commodity. Abdul knew he had her.

” This is starting to bend uncomfortable for me Afsana, why don’t we go up stairs “, Abdul asked. ” Well all right Papa, I haven’t felt this exceptional in a life, but just for a little longer since I don’t want to tire you “.

When they got absorption the bedroom, Abdul told her to take put away her top so he could rub some lotion onto her back. It was wholly strange for her. If her father in law asked her to finish substantial some other allotment, she might slapped him then n polished but its really surprised herself almighty due to she found herself agreed in no time pulling her top over her heel revealing her white bra which held her firm breasts. Her arousal was presentation with her erect nipples plainly pointing through the thin serious. Unabbreviated Afsana had on instanter was her bra and her tight jeans, which barely came perfecting to her waist. Afsana lied down on her stomach as Abdul positioned himself on finest of her blockhead.

” Its easier for me this way “, Abdul uttered as he quickly took off his shirt and started to rub Afsana’s minor pack and waist. The alcohol had directly affected full effect on Afsana as she closed her eyes and started to drift off to sleep.

” Oohh Salman “, she moaned out.

Abdul couldn’t believe heartfelt. Here he was, after going 5 second childhood without sex, on top of his beautiful young daughter in law who thought he was her husband. He slowly took off his pants, and turned Afsana due to onto her pack. Abdul started to softly kiss her flat stomach as he slowly undid her jeans. Afsana’s choot was now starting to stimulate hose as coed dreamt Salman kissing her shape. He carefully took off her jeans again started to kiss his way up her thighs. Once he reached her panty – esoteric choot, he inhaled her strong coed sexual redolence, and and so pulled the thin material of her panty to one side and kissed her pink moist choot lips. Her choot was wetter then Abdul could have ever imagined. Afsana enthusiastic one of her hands to butterfly her breast, as her other hand was stroking Tahir’s hair.

” Oohh Salman, please lick me darling “, butterfly moaned as Abdul any more used his tongue to explore her vagina. His fat oppressive lund was about to explode as he started to kiss his way up her body.

” Don’t stop Salman, lick my clit, ummm suck positive “, Afsana whispered out.

Abdul now moved his lund up further down on her magenta choot, teasing her. Only the thin white panty stopped undeniable from entering her fuck hole. Abdul pulled Afsana’s thighs further apart, and then pushed the panty to one side whereas he placed the tip of his huge fat heavyweight at her entrance. Slowly, inch by inch he pushed in his good 7 – inch lund in her honey pot as Afsana again sublet out a soft moan. For so long he had waited for a tropic fuck, and now he was all the way inside his beautiful daughter in law’s heated cardinal choot. He kissed her neck as he thrust in and out of her. He started to swelling his speed, as he unclasped her bra from the front reviling the two pinkish ashen globs of flesh. Abdul grabbed clench of both breasts further sucked on one nipple like a boy. This feeling suddenly brought Afsana channel to reality as she opened her eyes. Deb couldn’t posit what she saw. Her decent looking father in law was on prime of her, thrusting in again out his humongous fuck goods in her choot at a trimmed rate, and worst of undiminished, baby doll was letting it happen. Abdul saw her seeing open up, so he grabbed hold of her legs and put them whereas his shoulders with her toes pointing straight up. He was forthwith fucking her for all she was avail.

” oh no Papa… stop it… oh… god… we terminology… pplleeaassee… ooohhh “, Afsana yelled out. Her breasts were shaking like an earthquake as her father in law was fucking her like an animal.

” Papa brick wall… its not legal… oohh ggoodd. uuummmm “, Afsana yelled helplessly, She didn’t want to make ready that but at the same time she was really frantic as the huge lund of her father in law was doing magic in her microscopic pink choot. She felt herself completely filled stow away his giant tool. Abdul slowed isolated due to he lent in to kiss Afsana’s lips. Afsana’s knees were now on either portion of her head as damsel start up herself kissing him transmit. Something had taken over her. Their tongues were now exploring each other’s mouths as they made love. Abdul again built up his speed and was in further out faster then before as Afsana dug her nails into his back. Abdul rolled over and Afsana took off her panty, the last remaining piece of cloth from her sexy figure and slowly eased her father in law’s throbbing lund in her choot again. She was promptly no lie, sitting on him, ridding her father in law’s thick lund like a whore.

” Ohhh man upstairs, Ohhh Papa you are extension me, uummm, kitna bara hay aapka lund, Salman ka lund to isskay saamne kuch bhi nahe.. Ooohhh legitimate feels so fucking good Papa, Yesssss. “, Afsana said as she in addition her pace.

” Aaahhh, You are so penurious my little doll, I gamble Salman hardly fucks you. Uuuuhhhh. Don’t worry meri jaan, ab essential aa gaya hoon, I will take good chagrin of your penny-pinching little choot from now “, Abdul replied. He himself was breathing heavily.

This was the tightest pussy Abdul had ever fucked thanks to he took his wife’s cherry on their wedding night. None of the females were as tight as his cute maiden in law Afsana that he fucked in his growth. He reached up and took hold of her beasts, squeezing them together because he sucked her nipples further.

” Please don’t cum inside me Papa… oohhhh… you can’t cum inside, I m unprotected “. Chick vocal and this made Abdul utterly mad with sexual heat. He was fucking his grant daughter in law who just told him that she was unprotected and could conceived chewed.

Afsana was now humping her father in law like crazy. They continued like this until Abdul sensed he was about to cum. He suddenly pushed Afsana on agency on her send and in no time, came on best of her further rammed his vast fat lund in her choot again. He suddenly prerequisite to cum in his unsafe lassie in law. The image made him kooky and he immediately just now to fuck Afsana with heavyweight swiftness. Afsana herself was feeling so much aroused as she was feeling her avow orgasm building inside her. Female suddenly felt quite careless about the consequences and shamelessly encouraging her strong old father in law to fuck her acuteness outer. ” uuuuugggghhhh.. Papa! If you cum in me, you resourcefulness make me representative. Ufffff, do it Papa, tear off me Pregnant with your big strong lund. Salman se to yeh aaj tak nahi hua, aahhhhh aap he yeh kar fulfill. ooohhhh Papa fuck me like a bitch. I m your Bitch Papa. Ohhhh faster. I m about to cum. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh please don’t termination….. Uuummmmmm fuck me.. Harder!

Abdul Khan felt the grip of his young daughter in law’s choot was getting tighter n tighter on his mungo swollen lund as her choot muscles were contracting rapidly on tangible. He knew she was about to cum. Afsana shouted suddenly, ” Fuck meeeee Papaaaaa, Ohhhhh I m cumingggggggg.. Please fill my choot with your stone and make me pregnant, Ohhhhhh yeessssssss “. And with that, Abdul felt that his cute little daughter in law Afsana suddenly became an octopus as her arms wrapped around his supreme back, her silver white hairless legs gripped his lower back and her pink insufficient choot clutched his fat lund tightly as she came secrete a shuddering Orgasm. It was the moment when Abdul Khan felt his balls tightening, he took her minor lip between his teeth softly and gave one final push, the tip of his throbbing fat lund touched the depths of Afsana’s sitting duck womb also he came, almost in litters. His whole body was shaking in lust as glob after glob of thick youth kernel was flying in her hungry womb. Both Abdul and Afsana were plenty lost in their mind blowing orgasmic perception with their lips tightly glued lie low each at variance.

When their orgasms subsided, Afsana took her lips any more from her father in law again gave him a loving smile. ” Ohhh my god, Papa! It was the best fuck of my life. I wish Salman can do like that too “. She uttered. Abdul was still erect surprisingly in his daughter in law’s choot. He kissed Afsana lightly and said, ” Ahhh, My babe doll, Salman na bhi karay to kya hua, I m always here for you my darling, keep forever I have already promise you that I will always satisfy all your needs “. She smiled back but suddenly something made he a little worried. ” Papa, I was not joking before. I m really unprotected and these are my top days “, She suddenly dropped her eyelids obscure shyness and asked, ” Papa!, Ager bacha ho gaya to? “

Abdul felt his lund throbbed suddenly in Afsana’s cum filled choot as he sensed that he would be a father also soon. The idea made the old friend fully aroused again. He kissed her insolvable on her loving lips and said, ” So what meri jaan, you are still childless and if stupid Salman couldn’t be able to make you a mother till now ergo its not a big affair. Ager hurtle kisse ko bataen gay nahi to kisse pata chalay ga. ” And they both smiled meaningfully.

He gave her few slow in n out moves and she moaned. Then suddenly Abdul thought about Afsana’s cute tight milky wan ass and he immediately decided to revenue her from unpunctual. He took his erect lund from her dripping choot, got up and took some face boon from her dressing table. He then made her unblocked daughter in law in her all fours like a bitch again started to hardship some asset in her butt hole. He therefrom told Afsana to stay on her knees as he got delayed her, with his heavy duty erect lund aimed at her undeveloped butt discontinuity.

Afsana Suddenly realized what her old father in law principal to halt. ” No Papa, you are exorbitantly big, I’ve never done this, Please Papa no “, Afsana pleaded turn trying to get away. But it was not enough for Tahir. Holding onto her hips, with one walloping thrust he put all 7 inches of his lund inside Afsana’s dunderhead.

” Ooohh god “, Afsana screamed as maid obliged onto the wooden headboard with both hands.

Abdul slowly pulled out besides wherefore thrust back in quickly. Her breasts hung free, shaking back and forth as Abdul built unraveling a steady rhythm. She felt the pain slowly subsided and a new very sensational feeling took over her. She actually in duration to enjoy this brand-new style of fucking. ” oohhhh fuck me you old daughter fucker, Aahhhh. harder “.

” I knew, my little woman would resembling this “, Abdul replied as he likewise his stride. Afsana couldn’t believe she was actually enjoying being fucked advance in the ass by her father in law. ” Ohhh yesss Papa. Harder “, she yelled over Abdul grabbed hold of her breasts from behind and started to fuck her as hard as he could. He pulled her up close to him and sucked on her neck.

” I’m about to cum honey “, he yelled out.

” Wait due to me, Papa. please “, she replied.

Abdul used single of his hands to rub her Choot, and then he put two fingers in and started to finger fuck her cum filled honey pot. Afsana was screaming with ecstasy now as the phone modern to ring. Afsana dropped her head onto the pillow as Abdul picked up the phone, blot out one hand undisturbed rubbing her choot.

” Hello… Kaun Salman?… yes she’s taking very exceptional care of me… yeah wait, main bulata hoon usse, hold on, I think I can hear her cumming “, he verbal as he pressed hold in consequence Salman couldn’t hear existent.

He could perceive his fingers taking covered in Afsana’s fresh cum. He couldn’t control himself and with matchless final thrust he started to shoot his fan inside Afsana’s ass. Load after load of red spunk he tryout inside Afsana’s tight ass. They both collapsed onto the bed, Abdul on Afsana’s back. His cock slow inside her ass, one hand still slowly rubbing Afsana’s sore cum filled choot, while the other was lightly squeezing Her firm beast.

” Hi Salman “, Afsana uttered picking up the phone after regaining herself. ” No, Koi nut nahi hua, I will definitely take care of him, don’t worry about us, just please try to complete your work with full concentration… I love you “.

Afsana hung up and dropped the phone gave a wink to her father in law. They lay there because five minutes; Abdul still on top, both was still regaining their breath. He pulled out his cum covered fingers and put them in Afsana’s mouth. She sucked them dry, besides then got unraveling.

” I think you should stay in my bedroom till Monday “, she said with a cryptic beam also Abdul felt that he would actually have to perform a hard work till Monday. Afsana staggered towards the bathroom naked. Her lovely straight silky hair was in a complete mess. Abdul Imperator watched his unhealthy daughter in law, his nude little sex goddess with lust as he could spy his thick sperms slowly sustained out of her ass and choot, besides down her neutral white thigh


  1. agar is duniya main bahuve sasur ka lund khayega tho beta kya karega? Woh uska biwi ka maa ko chodega.

  2. Wonderful and most loving..I liked it most..Also would love to fuck my DIL likewise.

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